DigitalOcean是国外的一家服务器提供商, 最早结缘是因为其与 Github 合作,通过 Github 身份认证的学生都能获得$50的代金券,同时也支持 PayPal 支付(不需要信用卡)。服务器支持IPv6访问,十分方便。


最近看上了托管在亚马逊s3上的一些公开数据,这个组织抓取了全球近百亿的 URL,单次抓取结果将近300TB,因相对这百亿 URL 进行分析,于是在DigitalOcean 开了一台高配置服务器进行数据清洗,在High-CPU(32CPU,48GB memory)实例时,并为之挂载了1T 的 SSD Volume,在 Scan Francisco 地区创建了几次都提示 Error,于是去 NewYork 创建了一台同等配置的机器。创建成功。


下载300GB 数据+清洗数据大约花了五个小时,将数据导出至 space 之后,发现自己账号下多了若干个 Volume 实例,也就是说我虽然创建服务器失败了,但是Volume 却留了下来,账单没有更新,于是删除相关 Volume。


第二天十一点收到 DigitalOcean 的欠费通知

Thank you for using DigitalOcean!
We noticed at Nov 07, 2017 03:01 UTC that your account has an outstanding balance of $6.36.
We can’t automatically deduct from PayPal accounts like we can with credit cards, so to pay the balance you’ll need to either make a payment through PayPal or add a valid credit card in the control panel’s billing section:
Just as a reminder: When using PayPal as your only payment method, we do ask that you maintain credit on the account (credit means your balance is negative).
Please let us know if you have any additional questions by opening up a support ticket:
Happy coding,



Hi, I saw many volume in my billing list.
I didn’t use it at all , I just tried to create a High CPU Droplet with 1TB volume in San Francisco. But It told me I and not success. I’ve tried four or five times but still not success.
So I create a High CPU Droplet in New York.
Here goes the problem. the Droplet is failed but the volume is created and I do not know it at all. Now I could not pay for the volume because I have no money.
Could I have the volume money back?
Thanks a lot.



Hi there, I’ve reviewed the account and it looks like all of your Volumes are destroyed. I’ve added a credit to your account to cover their costs. Let us know if there’s anything else we can assist you with, we’d be more than happy to help. Happy sailing, Boatswain Dane DigitalOcean Platform Support ___________ » DigitalOcean Tutorials: » DigitalOcean Community: » DigitalOcean UserVoice: » DigitalOcean Status: ref:_00Do0IjOV._5001NU8EnP:ref

不久之后在 billing中收到补偿 $20


大概,这就是美帝的日常吧。欢迎各位使用我的邀请链接进行注册。同时,带有 Google 镜像服务的iguge.club也托管在 DigitalOcean 的服务器上,全程 SSL 加密,欢迎各位前来使用。

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